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Episode 64: Sparkling Dragons

March 14, 2013

Can’t exactly deliver what I promise with this one. medibot and myself review a pair of games that the each of us played, following the success of our formula from last time.


Episode 29: The Special

June 12, 2012

Wherein medibot and I finally talk about what it means to be a skullscast, looking back on what we’ve done so far, and establishing rules for how we’re going to do things in the future, including a level system for magicchat. We wrap up with a rundown of future topics.

And for my personal reminder: Spalt, Advanced, Famous.


Episode 8: Profiles in Wizardry, Psalmanazar

November 14, 2011

medibot and I discuss what it means to be an outrageous impostor nowadays and backathen. We conclude by proposing outrageous challenges to one another that neither of us really has the time to put into (because of podcasts like this one of course!)